Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DCM Founder & Looking for Loci Co-Curator Reflects

By Jaime Kopke - Curator, Denver Community Museum

The best part about the Denver Community Museum had always been making connections; with each other, memories, imaginations, our community. Meeting Maria Mortati was one of those random occurrences that happened almost everyday at the DCM. She wrote a post for Museums Now, I read it and we started emailing. Soon she visited. Then over the next several months we kept in touch, she saw several more DCM exhibits in action and we brainstormed.

Meeting neighbors, creating participants

I met Doug Robinson (a frequent DCM participant and Looking for Loci maker) because he often rode his bike by the museum windows. One day I waved and he came in. Two little boys ended up taking a liking to my 800 sq. ft. space and would stop by almost every weekend with their dad just to hang out. Many of the participants were visitors first, intrigued by the objects and inspired to create their own.

You too can be an artist

One of the things I almost always heard while Looking for Loci traveled around Denver was, “I want to do one.” I would tell people there were still ways they could participate - take one of Becky’s cards and go to the library, call in to hear Nina’s treehouse tour...and in SF you can add your own Loci.

Hopefully this won’t be the last installment and the connections keep growing... Denver, SF - where should we go next? The museum is mobile now!

PS: you can keep up with Jaime via her blog: Design Klub

Above image: Looking for Loci exhibiting at CTA Architecture offices during a Denver First Friday Artwalk.

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