Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hello Dolly: New Exhibit Platform

For our next exhibit, "Observatorium," I've been working on developing a platform that's much more mobile that our first iteration. The old system looked good and worked well, but was best with 2 people helping.

I'm going to now unveil the backbone of the our SFMM Exhibit Platform System:
As part of iterating both the exhibit concept and the exhibit platform "renewal," I've been working with artist Monica Martinez on the dolly system. Basically, there are 2 approaches:

Activities set up

This means the dolly has a framework of boxes that hold tools, work surfaces and a small bookshelf for the Observatorium:

Exhibit set up

This option is for when there are less activities and more objects to show or share:

We've got a small model and will be building and testing a full-scale model out of cardboard in a couple of weeks. Maybe we'll leave the whole thing cardboard, and just iterate it when we need a new set up.

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