Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just A Vessel?

Full-scale model for "Activity Platform"
One of the concept models to attach to the full-scale dolly system was completed by Monica Martinez. As I mentioned in an earlier post, there are two platform types in the hopper: one is for "activities" and one is for exhibiting objects. This is the activity system I'm first sussing out.

As I work in the office with the model and think about next steps, I've been grappling with ideas around how much this wants to have a design identity to it, and how much it wants to be some crazy platform that offers extreme flexibility.

Sid Laverents, One Man Band (photo: UCLA Film & Television Archive)
In terms of presenting something outdoors (which is where the SFMM mostly goes), there are lots of ways to slice it. At the end of the day however, this is a project that's about creating something where there was none.

While I like the dolly and the direction with the cardboard model (I feel really lucky to be working on this with Monica), I'm yearning for more. The museum doesn't need to be a blank canvas for others to project onto- otherwise, get a canvas. It does need to be something, and something in addition to the content of an exhibition. 

I come back to this quote from an earlier post about the University College London's Mobile Museum project:
“In the process of working towards our new model for museum… what we would like is a small portable space that can house two or three people and one museum object, that is not a tent, that is in some way magic, appealing, thought-provoking, enticing…” - Celine West
Having the time to step back and look at the model is really useful. 

Eventually, we'll have a show.

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