Monday, June 28, 2010

Exploring Shrines: between Mendota & Kerman

Each year we have an idea of sorts that we're exploring, and we invite you to join in (of course, we feel free to mix it up with surprising, and completely unrelated topics when the opportunity arises).

Shrine. Yes, shrines to the times, the past, the glory of them, the heartache. That's our area of interest for this year. We'll be posting challenges, interviewing folks as part of the exhibit development process, and generally co-investigating it with you.

To start it off, let me introduce April Banks. She is an artist and designer who is currently on a cross-country bicycle ride called "We Ride 3000" to bring awareness to public education.

Since she's going to be crossing the US at ground-level, we've asked April to photo-document a type of shrine we whiz by on the freeway- the roadside shrines. We'll be posting them here she progresses. This first image is from Rte 180 in California:

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