Friday, October 30, 2009

About the Box: Cat Lady's House

Curator's Note: As part of extending the "Looking for Loci" exhibit, we've photographed the boxes and are posting them with their stories, adding to them where possible. Since it's almost Halloween, this box seemed appropriate to post.
Genius Loci: 39 46’33.94” N 105 02’29.85” W 1644 m.
By Nikki Raschbacher, Denver

I lived next door to this house from age 8-13. I think of it now as “The Cat House” because the woman who lived there had at least 20 cats. At one time, the interior of the house must’ve been elegant. But, when the cat woman lived there, all the furniture was covered with sheets and cats draped themselves on the fireplace mantel, the stairs and the furniture. And, yet it seems sort of mystical. Oh yeah, I’m allergic to cats.

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