Saturday, August 29, 2009

Looking for Loci: Doug Robinson Links DEN to SF

doug robinson, san francisco mobile museum[As part of our Looking for Loci, participants will be featured on the blog from time to time. This guest post is by Doug Robinson of Denver. Pictured above and below are images of his creation for the exhibition].

MY GENUS LOCI: Platte Valley Rail yards - Denver

The Denver Millennium Foot Bridge marks the site of an unintended memorial to the Beat poets. Standing like a giant push pin at the edge of the Platte Valley Rail yards it connects our two cities. It starts here and ends at North Beach.
It’s here that Ginsberg boiled with unreleased passion, Kerouac wandered in the weeds drinking cheap wine searching for Paradise, and Cassady grabbed the wheel ready to race across America. The energy was building and ready to explode.

The explosion occurred on October 7, 1957 in San Francisco.The Six Gallery hosted a poetry reading. Kerouac spread his arms in poetic benediction while Cassady passed the jug working the crowd. Ginsberg dropped his H-Bomb as Howl shook North Beach. Ferlinghetti put it in print as City Lights shown round the world.
san francisco mobile museum, doug robinsonThe Millennium Bridge links our cities; poetic inspiration incubated in the Platte Valley, culminating on North Beach. Only few weeded acres of sacred ground remain. Here are some discarded relics I’ve found.
doug robinson, san francisco mobile museumMillennium Bridge: 39 45’ 10.46 North, 105 00’ 09,67 West, elevation 5190’
Doug Robinson, Denver, CO Age: 60

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