Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Welcome to San Francisco, Mobile Museum

Welcome to the San Francisco Mobile Museum blog. This is going to be a place for the public and curators to participate, iterate, and extend the experiences of our exhibits.

Since this is a mobile museum platform, the dates and locations will be evolving. Our opening is on Friday, Aug. 28th, 2009 at the Studio for Urban Projects.

Our first exhibit, "Looking for Loci" is a collaboration with the Denver Community Museum and the good people of Denver and the Bay Area. 37 people children, adults, artists and designers responded to this challenge:
"Cross-City Challenge: Looking for Loci

Have you ever found a place in your home, neighborhood or city, and felt an invisible energy, almost like magic? In Roman culture, this was called "Genius Loci", which referred to a location's distinctive atmosphere, or spirit. In our urban environments these places can be more difficult to find, or lost altogether– but they do exist."

Locate a special place in your city and create a visual tribute to the genius loci of the spot. It can be part of your home, in a park or garden, on a street corner, or just a forgotten place in the alley"

During the Bay Area run, we're inviting folks to call into the exhibit and leave messages which will get transposed to the blog from time to time. There will also be a map of the Bay Area (thanks to Shawn Allen of Stamen Design) where visitors to the exhibit can write/draw/locate their Genius Locis.

For more info, contact us at info [at] sfmobilemuseum [dot] org.

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